The Article Style  
Great for News Stories and More...

The Article Style was designed as an all purpose style that could be used for a variety of applications. This page and most of the others in our virtual tour were created using the Article Style. On an article page you can include as many articles (stories or text blocks) as you want. You can include photos and other graphics with your articles. Tell the world about your company or publish the latest news on your Website. Use fonts like black Times New Roman, like we do on this page, to give even more of a "news" look.


Keep Your Website Up-to-Date with the Latest Information!

Nothing increases Website traffic more than keeping your Website up-to-date with the latest information. With your SiteRightNow Control Panel, you can quickly add a new story to your page. It will automatically be placed at the top of your page with the older stories moving down. (If you would rather organize your strories manually, you can do that too!).
Create long stories or short "blurbs", it's up to you. On the right, you will see where you can paste (or type) your article headline and text.


Scrolling down, you will see the screen shown below. On this screen you can make your selections for graphics and photos. You can quickly browse our library or you can upload your own with ease.

You Have Many Options for Using Graphics

Shown on the left is your Control Panel screen where you handle your graphics. You will see choices for graphics placement along with ways to choose from our library or upload your own. Your Control Panel will also keep a catalog of your uploads! You can quickly review your uploads and use your artwork and photos on other pages as well.
Using this page as an example, we include three articles. The first article, "Great for News Stories and More...," includes a graphic from our on-line library that we decide to put on the left.

The next article, "Keep Your Website Up-to-Date With the Latest Information," also includes a graphic, which we chose to put on the right. We also chose not to include a divider line between the two articles. This helps create the text wrap effect.
Finally, we include this text as the third article. This time, we decided to include a divider line that we thought went well with our news page (we chose a different one than the last page using our LINES button on the Control Panel).
We think you will find the Articles Style a great one to use on many of the informational pages that you may want to include on your Website.

FAQ Style


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