Questions About Backgrounds
Q: How can I turn off the white oval and just have everything show up on my background?
A: The white oval is what we call the "white overlay". The idea of the white overlay was to have something available to make FONTS easy to read on busy backgrounds. To turn off the white overlay, do the following:

1) Click the FONTS button on the control panel.
2) Check the box that says
"Do Not Use White Overlay" and click the SAVE FONT CHOICES button.

Q: How can I choose a different background?
A: 1)Choose the page you want to work on next to where it says "current page" at the top of the control panel screen.
2)Click the BACKGROUNDS button
3)Click a color link and then click the arrow buttons to browse the different choices. You can jump to a different color at any time by clicking one of the color links.
4)When you find the background you like, click the SELECT THIS BACKGROUND button.

Q: How do I upload my own backgrounds.
A: To upload your own backgrounds:

1)Choose the page you want to work on next to where it says "current page" at the top of the control panel screen.
2)Click the BACKGROUNDS button
3)Click the BROWSE button and find your background file on your computer. (The Web can use JPG or GIF graphic formats)
4)Click the SEND NOW button. This will upload your background, and it will display as the background on the screen.

TIPS: There are many links on our free graphics page for additional background choices. Once you spot a background you like on these free websites, you do one of two possible procedures to save the file to your computer:

1) If you background is showing up as a smaller picture, you can click on it with your RIGHT mouse button and choose SAVE PICTURE AS or SAVE IMAGE AS. This allows you to save the file on your computer to use later on our BACKGROUNDS screen.

2) If the background is showing up as the background of the page you are viewing, click your RIGHT mouse button anywhere on the background part of the screen. Then choose SAVE BACKGROUND AS, which will allow you to save the picture on your computer to upload later on your control panel.

Note: for Macintosh users, the right mouse button may not have the same function as outlined above. Often, on a Mac, you hold down the APPLE key or command key while pointing to the graphic to get these extra options.

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