Questions about Buttons and Links
Q: How can I remove a button from the top?
A: The buttons you see at the top are connected to pages on your website. If you delete the page that goes with the button, the button will disappear. If you want to delete the page, you:
1) Select the page name you want to delete next to where it says "current page" at the top of the control panel.
2) Click the DELETE PAGE button.

If you would like to keep the page, but just hide the button, you can choose the HIDDEN PAGE option on the buttons screen.
1) Select the page you want to hide next to where it says "current page" at the top of the control panel
2) Click the BUTTONS button and check the box that says "Check this box to HIDE the button and link for this page!". Then scroll to the bottom of the form and click the UPDATE button.
3) The next time you click SEND RIGHT NOW to update your live website, all of your pages will be rewritten, and the button and link will be hidden.

Q: Do I have to show the buttons at the top?
A: No, there are a number of different interface choices on the BUTTONS screen that will change the way your links and buttons are displayed. When you click the BUTTONS screen, you will see a pull down menu on the bottom portion of the screen with a long list of choices. Some choices will hide the top button bar. After making your choice, scroll to the bottom of the form and click the UPDATE button to save our changes.

Q: Can I upload my own custom button?
A: Because of the technical nature of creating a "hover" button, we don't have this as an option on the control panel. But, if you would like, you can e-mail us your custom button pictures, and we can add them to your button choices. Here are the requirements:
1) Send two pictures for each button. One picture is used for the button at rest and the other picture is used when the button is selected.
2) The button should be a maximum of 70 pixels wide. Transparent GIFs work the best. If your button is the maximum 70 pixels wide, you should leave a little bit of a transparent border around the edge, unless you intend for the button pictures to connect to each other.

You can e-mail them to Please include the name of your website in your e-mail.

Q: My links on the left are too close to the links on the bottom. It seems redundant, since they say the same thing.
A: The links on the bottom are there for convenience, so when your visitor scrolls down your page it isn't necessary to jump back up to the top to figure out where to go next.

On most pages, these links would show up further down the page. As you fill up your page with content, the links keep getting lower.

If you decide not to put much in the body of the page, you can move the links down further manually by using the following procedure:

  • At the end of your last text box on hit your ENTER key a number of times. This will add a blank line each time you hit ENTER, which will force the bottom links down further.

Alternatively, you could add an extra article (or other type of section) to your page (choose "save changes and add __ more articles" at the bottom of the work on content form). A divider line will show up and the links will move further down.

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