Changing Information
Q: How do I remove my address and phone number from the website or change other information?
A: Most business websites want to include the business phone number and address on their website. However, if you are working on a personal website, you may want to remove this information. To do this, all you have to do is edit your CONTACT US page or any other page that uses the CONTACT page style. Follow these steps:

(NOTE: You can follow these instructions to change your information, also)
1) Logon to your control panel and click "make changes to my website"
2) Select your CONTACT US page under the first pull down menu.
3) Click the WORK ON CONTENT button. You will see the form with all of your contact information.
4) Edit the information on the form. You can delete your address or phone number or change the information, if desired.
5) Scroll to the bottom of the form, and click the CLICK TO CONTINUE button.
6) Your control panel will reload. Click the UPDATE button next to Page Name to update all of your pages with the contact information change. (Note: once your domain name is activated, you can just click the SEND RIGHT NOW button, and this will update all of you pages with the latest changes and copy the pages to your live website).

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