Domain Change Request
Use this form to make a name server change (sometimes called DNS change) or if you are buying a domain transfer from another registrar.

Note that this request must come from the email address we have on file for the website account to guard you from having someone try to take your domain name without authorization.

Note: If you no longer have access to the email account on file, refer to this page for details: Email or Password Change.

Note that domain changes can only be made for closed website accounts. The request will be rejected automatically on open accounts

If you need help with the information requested, you would get this information from your new website service provider.

Your Name: *
Domain Name (ex. *
E-mail: *

DNS - Name Server Change or CNAME

Use this section to point your domain name to another website service. Your domain name registration would stay with our registrar, but the "name server" setting would change to point to your new provider's website. You would get this information from your new provider.

Some services such as iWeb require a CNAME instead of Name Servers. Fill in CNAME if applicable.
Primary Name Server:
Secondary Name Server:
CNAME (if applicable):
Set Domain to Autorenew?:

Domain Transfer Authorization

Check the box below to authorize a transfer. This means you intend to buy a transfer from a new registrar and move the name to them:
1) We will update the "administrative contact"
2) Unlock the domain name
3) Send you the "auth" code

Make sure to wait to buy the domain transfer until at least 24 hours after filling out this authorization form, or the transfer request may be rejected by our system.

60 Day Internet Rule
If you are attempting to buy a domain transfer, make sure the domain is more than 60 days old. Otherwise, Internet rules won't allow this. You would need to do a DNS change (using the above form) instead.
I authorize you to change the administrative contact on my domain record to my email address so I can confirm the transfer that I will purchase from my new registrar. I understand that once you make this change, you no longer will be managing my domain name changes for me and I will be responsible for making all confirmations with the new company where I will buy my domain transfer. (Note: Make sure not to do this if you want us to make a DNS change for you. Only check this if you are buying a domain transfer from another company)

(Fields marked with * are required)

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