Email or Password Changes
Instructions for Changing your Email Logon or Password

If you require a change in your logon email address or your password, fill out the form below.

For your own security, the request must come from the current email address we have on file for your website account. If you do not have access to this email account, please refer to the instructions at the end of this form in order to prove your identity.

Note: If you change your email address here, this only changes the email address you use to logon. It does not change your email forwarding instructions. You have control over these instructions in your SiteRightNow control panel in the Email section under "edit settings". Also, any pages using the "Email Form" style will have its own email setting. You can change this when you click "work on content" on these pages. This can all be done yourself through your control panel.

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New E-mail (if applicable):
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I don't have access to the old email. Call me on my cell phone to verify identity (note, we must already have your cell phone on file)

What to do if you don't have access to the email address on file

For your own security, we require that all domain, username, and password changes be confirmed through the email address we have on file. This protects you from people who may want to access your website without authorization.

If you no longer have access to the email address on file, you must do the following to prove your identity, and we can proceed with the change:

For those customers who provided us with a cell phone number when signing up
If we have your cell phone number on file, you can fill out this form and choose "Call me on my cell phone". Cell phones can be used to verify your identity.

For Individuals:
Fax a letter including your printed name, domain name, and new email address. The letter must be signed by the public domain owner (registrant) and notarized to prove identity. The following wording must also be included:

"Your Obligation to Indemnify:
The signed party below agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Support Central Online, Inc.,, and all relevant partner(s), and their licensors, licensees, consultants, contractors, agents, attorneys and employees harmless from and against any and all liability, loss, damages, claims or cause of action, including internal and external legal fees and expenses, arising out of, related to or which may arise from this change of email address username, password, or domain registration information and/or your breach of any term of this Agreement."

Fax this to 513-984-0014. Include the name of your website and the new email address you wish to use in the letter.

Note that your name must appear in the public information provided when the website was ordered. This will appear on the Internet's "who is" database as the "Registrant".

For Businesses
If there is an individual's name that appears on the public contact information, you can follow the same procedure as above. If that individual is not available, the Company's name must appear in the public contact information. If the company's name is not listed, then only the individual who is listed can make this change or the individual will need to sell the name to the company and provide us with a notarized bill of sale with the proper information that should appear on the public domain record.

If the company name is on the public domain record, you can provide us with the following information to change the email address:

1) For Corporations, the CEO or President must:
  • Provide the same information as stated for the Individual signed by the CEO or President of the corporation and notarized on Company stationery. Make sure to include the same "Indemnify" language as stated above. Fax this letter to 513-984-0014.

  • Also fax a copy of the articles of incorporation or other notarized legal documents that state the names of the officers (including the CEO and/or President) of the corporation.

2) For LLC or Partnerships
  • The majority partner or owner must sign a notarized letter on company stationery and request the new email address. Follow the same instructions as the individual for what must be included in the letter. Make sure to include the "Indemnify" language. Fax this letter to 513-984-0014.

  • Also fax a copy of the notarized partnership or LLC agreement that clearly shows the percentage of ownership. In the case of an equal partnership, all equal parties must sign.

3) Sole Proprietorship
  • Follow the same instructions as the individual. You must also provide a notarized fictitious name document or another legal business document from your state showing your "dba" (doing business as) that shows you are the sole proprietor for the company.

Note: If there is a dispute between parties, we may choose to have you settle the dispute first and provide us with notarized proof of the settlement before proceding with any changes.

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