How to Make Your Online Catalog

By Mitch Cohen - Webmaster So now that you have our SiteRightNow control panel builder to help you, how do you approach putting your products online? Everything starts by getting yourself organized. If you have a small catalog of just a few items, you can skip this step, but if you have a large catalog, you should start by taking some time to get your items organized. How to Organize: I recommend looking through your items you plan on putting on your website and putting them into categories. For this example, I'm making a website called "". I'm going to sell a variety of gift items. I'm going to first go through my items by sorting and counting them:
  • 5 Birdhouses
  • 6 Mirrors
  • 20 Clocks
  • 5 Angel Figurines
  • 6 Eagle Figurines
  • 20 Candles
Once you have your items organized and you know about how many items you have in each category, you are ready to start making your pages!

First Add Your Category Pages:

1) Click the ADD PAGE button to add a new page for each major category. Looking at the list I made in the last step, I would need to add 6 pages (Birdhouses, Mirrors, Clocks, Angel Figurines, Eagle Figurines, and Candles)
Click Here to watch a DEMO on how to do this!

2) How do you fill out the ADD PAGE screen? You can click the link above to just watch a demo or you can read the following steps.
step 1:
When you click the ADD PAGE button, you will be asked to type in the name for the new page. This is where you would type “Birdhouses” or the appropriate catalog page name.
Step 2:
On the screen it will ask you whether this new page should be a “SUB PAGE” of one of your exisiting page. In our example, you would choose “On-Line Catalog” as your sub page. This makes the Birdhouse page part of your Online Catalog.
Step 3:
Make sure that the STYLE choice is set on CATALOG.

Next, start entering your items!

Now that you have added your catalog pages, you are ready to start entering in your items. You do this by:
1) Choose the catalog page from the “current page” list
3) Fill out the details of your first item

Click Here to watch a DEMO on how to do this!

Adding More Items

You just completed adding your first item. Let’s say you want to add more items on the Birdhouses page. All you do is :
1) Click the “work on content” button
2) Scroll to the bottom, and click “save changes and add ___ more items”.
3) Click the CONTINUE button at the bottom.

You will see that you now have more space to enter in more items. You can add as many items on a page as you wish, but we do not recommend going over 50 per page. This will keep your page load times quicker, and it will make it easier to edit your items later.

Click Here to watch a DEMO on how to do this!

Shopping Cart Pull Down Menus

Let’s say that we had a red birdhouse and a brown birdhouse, and we wanted to let the customer choose the color. You can fill in the “set shopping cart options” screen with your choices.

Click Here to watch a DEMO on how to do this!

Handling Tax and Shipping Charges

If you need to charge tax or shipping, these calculations are entered into your PayPal account directly (or in Mal's Shopping Cart's screens or's screen, if you use one of those options).

To set your shipping and tax calculations, you would log onto Then click the PROFILES link and then click "Tax Calculations" or "Shipping Calculations".

Click Here to watch a DEMO on how to do this!

More Demos Coming

Check back here for more help on building your catalog. We are currently working on recording visual demos of everything to help see how it's done. We will be updating this page soon with the following topics:
  • Changing the price based on a menu choice

  • Selling an Ebook or a Music Download

  • Using Auto-thumbmnails to display your items

  • And more...

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