Note from Mitch:
If you haven't seen the new header/menu system, try it out! You can make a cool header like we have on and include social network icons for Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Also, you will find a number of different menu styles that can be installed on your website.

Check out the button MENUS/HEADER on your main yellow control panel next to Design:.


Hello members. There are some cool things going on right now on the Internet, and I wanted to share a few with you that you may want to use to "jazz up your site".   A number of our customers have already been using some of these plug in features. Most of these features are free and can be added to your site by simply pasting "code" that is provided. You can add animations, slide shows, videos, photo galleries, and more! 

See the cool cube below... I just made this one on I used some of our pictures you may see on our site. Try clicking on a picture on the cube and it will pop out!

Are you hearing music? Scroll down and you will see the cool jukebox you can add to your site!

YouTube Video
You may not be aware that you can use YouTube Video on your SiteRightNow website!   All you have to do is paste in the code they provide in your control panel, and you're done! Just play your YouTube video and look for the "SHARE" button under your video. Hit "EMBED" and you will see code you can copy and paste. Just paste this code in any article box, and you're done!

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