Mal's Shopping Cart

by Mitch Cohen - Webmaster
Mal's E-commerce is a great free shopping cart that you can use with your website. It works with payment systems, such as PayPal. PayPal is the most popular system that our customers use to instantly accept credit cards online.

Mal's Shopping Cart is supported on our Auto-Shopping Cart. Just plug in your Mal's ID and our system will do the rest of the work for you automatically!
Why not just use PayPal's Shopping Cart? For most customers, they will just use the built in PayPal cart. Our auto-shopping cart will use the built in PayPal cart automatically. For many users, the built in PayPal cart will work just fine. Some people may appreciate Mal's additional features, such as:
1) Multiple shipping pricing options.
2) Custom Receipts
3) Excellent compatibility with browsers.
and more...

Collect Secure Orders to Enter Offline in Your Own System For those customers who already have their own credit card system in their shop or business, Mal's cart is also a great choice. You can setup Mal's cart to e-mail you a secure order that you can print out and enter into your own off-line system.

3rd Party Payment System Support If you already have your own merchant account and are using an online payment processor, such as Verisign,, or Linkpoint, Mal's is a good choice. Mal's has an upgraded version of their cart that you can use to provide full support for a number of 3rd party payment systems.

Click the link below to visit Mal's home page. You click the Join Up button to create a free account.

If you decide to use Mal's cart, here's what you do to get started:
1) Visit Mal's website and fill out their form to signup for free at

2) Print out your Mal's ID and Password that you will see after signing up.

3) Click the ADMIN AREA button, and logon to your shopping cart page.

4) Click the check box that says SHOW CART and click the UPDATE button (on the right side of the screen)

5) Click YES when prompted to create your shopping cart.

6) Click the CART Setup button, and go through the various options. There are quite a few options, so try not to be overwhelmed. The most important to set are:
Shipping, Sales Tax, Required Fields, E-mail Customer Receipts, Payments, and PayPal (if you are using PayPal to accept payments).

Note that if you are using PayPal to accept payments, you only have to click Mal's PayPal link, and you don't need to click the Mal's Payment link.

You can go back and take more time to go through the other setup links after you get started with the most important ones that I list above.

Just Click the CART SETUP Link Also, the first time I used Mal's setup page, it threw me a little bit, because after I made a selection it just brought me back to the same page and never showed me the menu again. Don't let this throw you. Your changes are saved as soon as you click the button, and you can just click the CART SETUP link on the left to get your menu back.

CREATING MAL'S SHOPPING CART BUTTONS Our control panel creates your Mal's shopping cart buttons automatically! Just check off the auto shopping cart option next to your item and put in your Mal's ID. Our system does the rest for you automatically!

If you need help, feel free to contact us.

If you haven't signed up for your website yet, CLICK HERE to get started!


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