Music Questions
Q: How do I add music to my website?
A: Yes. We support MIDI, MP3, and WAV music files on our servers, and you can use other formats for visitors to download.

You can put your music files on a page that uses the "Download" page style. Your visitors will be able to click on links on your download page to play your music.

Some people enjoy having a song play automatically when a page loads. MIDI music files are popular to play in the background. MIDI files are often used for this since they are usually the smallest in size and take the least amount of time to load. You can upload your MIDI file to your site, and then paste an EMBED command on the page where you want the song to play. Here are step by step instructions on how to do this:
1) Upload your MIDI, WAV, or MP3 file to your site.

You can do this by temporarily changing the STYLE of your page to the DOWNLOAD style. (choose Download next to PAGE STYLE and click the UPDATE button).

Once the page style is set to DOWNLOAD, click the WORK ON CONTENT button. Click any of the UPLOAD buttons on the form to upload your music files (remember for Netscape users to change the FILES OF TYPE to All Files when you click the Browse button, so you will be able to find your file).

When you are finished uploading you files, scroll to the bottom of the form and click the CLICK TO CONTINUE button to return to your control panel. Change your page style back to the appropriate style, such as ARTICLE (choose the appropriate style next to PAGE STYLE and click the UPDATE button).

2) Use the EMBED HTML tag to tell your page to play your music automatically or to display a "player". Your music will be saved in the "downloads" directory, so your path to your music should look something like "downloads/yourmusicfile.mid"
Here is an example EMBED tag that will work for playing MIDI, WAV, and MP3 files. You can copy and paste it into any of your article text boxes on your control panel. Just replace "yourmusicfile.mid" with the name of your file.
<EMBED src="downloads/yourmusicfile.mid" autostart=true loop=true volume=100 hidden=true>

Check out this great link for more information about EMBED command and Website music.

We have free MP3 players available along with other MP3 tools. Check out our Download Music Software page for details. (For SiteRightNow customers, download the software from our page and include it on your own Download page for your customers!)

TIP: We recently added a "hidden page" feature that now makes it possible to keep a special download page that you can use to send music files to your website without having to switch the page style of one of your other active pages (as explained in the above instructions). Now,you can just add a new page that uses the Download Page style (click the ADD PAGE button to do this). On the BUTTONS screen, you can check the box that says "hidden page". This will hide your new download page from your visitors, but you can still use it from your control panel whenever you want to upload more music!

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