Organizing Your Catalog
Q: How do I organize my catalog pages and items?
A: There are two powerful features on the control panel that control the organization of your website:

1) Sub Pages
2) Link Order

Using the "Sub Page Of" choice on the control panel, you can setup catalog sections.

Let's say you are selling Tires. You have your main On-line Catalog page. When you go on your catalog page, you want to show links to sections for Dunlap, Michelin, and the other brands you carry. You can add these sections under your main on-line catalog page by using the Sub Page option. Here's how you do this:

1) Click the ADD PAGE button
2) Type the new name of your page (such as DUNLOP)
3) Where it says "make the new page a sub page of", choose the main On-line Catalog page from the list.
4) Choose the CATALOG page style at the bottom
5) Click the button at the bottom to create your page.

Now when you go on your main on-line catalog page, you will see a link for DUNLOP at the bottom. You can follow this same procedure to add other sections to your catalog.

After you have your pages setup, you may want to change the order of how they show up in your catalog. Use the LINK ORDER screen to do this. By clicking LINK ORDER, you can simply renumber the order that your page links show up.

TIP: Try changing the Interface choice on the BUTTONS screen to show the links on the left. This will display a table of contents of your website (or catalog) in an outline form on the left side of the screen. You can also use the left menu interface option to display an automatic site map of your entire website.

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